There are many ways that energy is used around the home, with the electricity for lighting or gas for heating. It can really start to add up when you start to think about it, and the amount can be almost daunting when you think in terms of the entire country. In fact, buildings took up 38.9% of the U.S. primary energy use(includes fuel for production 1) and 72% of all U.S. electricity consumption 2 In 2008, not to mention 15 trillon gallons of water. 3 Luckily, there are a number of energy saving tips that can help you save money, and reduce your impact on the enviornment.

Making Your House Energy Efficient

Install a whole house fan

When installed into your attic, you can draw the cooler night air through the windows, while forcing the hot air out through the attic vents 4.

Intstall double pane windows

There are many benefits that double pane windows have over single paned. They will help reduce heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer. All while reducing the outside noise and having lower maintenance costs in the long run 5.

Seal your air ducts

When you have leaky duct work it can cost 25% to heat the average house 6.

Better insulate your attic

if your attic is not insulated with at least a level of R-30, you can be spending around 10% more on your electrical bill 7.


More Free and Simple Steps

Turn off lights and appliances

when you leave a room turn off the lights, television, and computer. Leaving them on will waste electricity, in addition to the wear and tear from the use that each appliance would have received 8.

Use your dishwasher and turn off the dry cycle

Suprising enough, you will use more water if you wash your plates by hand, along with the electricity saved from air drying 9.

Keep your fridge full

If you keep a lot of food in your fridge will help keep it cool when the door is open, saving the electricity required to lower the temperature 10.

Turn up your thermostat during the Summer, and down in the Winter

Setting your thermostat off when you are away, and to 78 degrees when you are home in the Summer will still help you feel comfortble while saving you money on electricity. The same can go for the winter, for every degree lower you go in the 60-degree to 70-degree range, you can save 5% off of your heating bill 11.

Unplug that Spare Refridgerator

Expecially with an older model, this can save you up to $150 a year12!